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Movement Disorders

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This is a wide range of disorders that are characterized by abnormal movements such as slowness, rigidness, sudden jerking and tremoring among others. Probably the best recognized movement disorder is Parkinson’s disease, the disease that Michael J. Fox suffers with.

Parkinson’s disease occurs when particular cells in the brain which are responsible for making a chemical called dopamine, start to die. As the population dwindles, less dopamine is made and movements begin to deteriorate. Typically people first notice a slowing down of activity from walking to eating, everything becomes more deliberate and methodical. A tremor may appear, usually affecting one arm first, and has been characterized as “pill rolling” as it tends to cause the finger tips to make a rhythmic rolling movement. Often the arm with the tremor may feel stiff or rigid, hand writing may start to look illegible and there may even be discomfort, frequently in the shoulder.

Parkinson’s disease is not curable but is quite treatable, and patients frequently feel that they’ve gotten their life back after starting on treatment. The following links provide details regarding Parkinson’s disease.

Tremors is common manifestation of a movement disorder and can have many causes, only one of which is Parkinson’s disease. Often these are benign conditions and can be inherited.

Neurology Associates has a fellowship trained movement disorder specialist who is expert in the whole spectrum of movement disorders, providing the full spectrum of diagnostics and treatment options.