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Headaches are an extremely common problem for millions of people annually. Estimates are that in any given year over 90% of the population will suffer a headache. Between 40-50 million Americans suffer from recurrent headaches, the majority of which are migraines, and 7 in 10 migraine sufferers are female.

Headaches are divided into primary headaches which constitutes the bulk of all headaches and includes migraine headache, tension headache, cluster headache, including trigeminal cephalgias, and other primary headaches as well as secondary headaches, which are headaches that occur as a consequence of another disorder such as an aneurysm or tumor of the brain.

The physicians at Neurology Associates are expert at the diagnosis and treatment of the various headache disorders. We know that headaches can be life altering and we work closely with our patients to achieve significant and lasting improvements in headache pain so you can live your life more fully.

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