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Norwich CT Fluoroscopy Services at Neurology Associates, Eastern Connecticut's Neurologists

The fluoroscope utilizes short duration pulses of Xray to help in interventional radiological procedures. At Neurology Associates, this is primarily done to assist the radiologist in performing a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) in patients that are deemed to be difficult to access at the bedside, the traditional way of performing a lumbar puncture. This typically involves patients with advanced arthritis of the spine, prior spinal surgery or obesity, although others may be selected.

The procedure is done in the radiology suite using a lead shielding blanket. The radiologist places the patient in the right position, and when ready to insert the needle will use a series of real time pictures to make sure the needle is placed in the right space as quickly as possible.

This procedure does involve radiation, just as an Xray, which is why a shielding blanket is used. This procedure is not done if a patient is pregnant, and any questions should always be asked of the staff prior to the procedure.