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Welcome to Neurology Associates new website

Feb 08, 2011

 Welcome to Neurology Associates new website, we hope to provide you with an ever expanding source for neurological information and welcome your input. This section will be in blog format with new entries added frequently, always with an eye to information that we hope our patients find useful.

Our goal is to address subjects of interest to our patients, answer commonly asked questions and provide updates about news within the field of neurology and medicine as well as general health and prevention.

At Neurology Associates we make efforts to use technology in all facets of our practice in ways that make our practice modern, user friendly and increase communication between our patients and their health care team. For example, one of the most useful tools in management of chronic headaches has been the headache journal. Here headache characteristics can be recorded over time to assist the physician in identifying trends and triggers as well as response to medication. Traditionally these have been paper journals and though useful, have limitations. Utilizing a paper journal for instance, limits the ability to search details efficiently.

Now applications using the iPhone or iPad have been developed, and continue to be improved, to digitze this information. This significantly increases the power of the information collected. For those that own one of these devices, such an application has been developed by Merck & Co. for the management of migraine headaches.

In the iTunes app store search for iManage Migraine. Download it and become familiar with its use, and talk with your physician about utilizing it for your headache care. As these tools evolve and more become available we will review them here for you.

So please check back frequently. Best of health.